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Our objectives are:


  • To improve the lives of all persons with T1D by working closely with key players across the T1D ecosystem both India and overseas – i.e. patients, healthcare providers, family members/caregivers, researchers, government agencies, donors/ funding agencies, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, device makers, insurers, and community organizations, and create as well as implement - programmes, schemes, projects or products that would inure to the benefit of persons with T1D, and the other objects hereto.


  • To pursue any and all activities that may ultimately lead to improvement of the standard of care of T1D.


  • To pursue activities that advocate the rights of persons with T1D including but not limited to policy advocacy, liaising with the government, collaborating with the regulator/other entities to work on influencing the public health policy on T1D, to come up, vet and/or execute schemes for the benefit of persons with T1D, and where needed use legal measures such as institution of legal proceedings to meet the objectives.


  • To work for the advance treatment of diabetes.


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